Friday, April 19, 2013

Toady the toad


Hi!! I'm David from David's Chicken Farm. And this is my toad, Toady. He is a very good toad. He was the best toad when I had, but now I don't have him any more cause he hopped away. I love toads and toads love me.

Here is a video of my talking toad! (look down the page)

Monday, April 1, 2013

How you make syrup

Hi, I am David from David's Chicken Farm. Have you ever tasted sap raw. It tastes good. But it tastes even better as syrup. Sap makes maple syrup. Click here and my mom will tell you how to do it. I made this video to show you. I love chicken and chickens love me.

Our sap so far



Hi I'm David from David's Chicken Farm. We have ducklings now!! I need your help to name them. We call then Big and Little dot because one is big and one is small. Here is a picture to help you decide what names they should have. I am in the background with the walnuts. The ducks were watching me play. I love ducklings and ducklings love me!!