Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm gonna be in a magazine

My mom and I are going to be in this chicken magazine. It if from the UK which is over by Europe. That is my picture in the magazine. I am excited. I love winter chickens and winter chickens love me!


  1. Hi David! I love chickens and have 7 hens--my daughter is a little older than you, and these are her babies! (We call her Chicken Mama, because that's how she acts with them.) I think it's so cool that you and your mom are in a magazine--I'll bet you're very excited! I really like your blog and hope you'll keep writing! Have a happy weekend!


  2. Hi David, we live in south west Louisiana! I am so proud of you that you get to be in a magazine. That is so special! I don't have any chickens yet but I hope to have some this spring when the weather is warmer. Do you live where there is snow? We are too warm down here in the south to get snow. My two girls wanted to make snow angels, but they never had enough snow to play in. I hope you enjoy the snow and you and your animals stay warm and dry. Hugs to you from Garilyn!

  3. Hello David,

    You should be so proud of yourself.

    Keep on loving those chickens as much as they love you.

    Hamish and Mandy

  4. Hello David, I'm in the UK and have a copy of Your Chickens, and really enjoyed reading about you and your Mom's hens, and all the other chicken keeping stories from the States :)
    We have 4 young girls and the one my little boy's one is the only one who has started laying yet. He is 10 and is delighted with her because she lays very pretty blue eggs and they taste delicious.
    I love reading your Mom's blog and am looking forward to reading more of yours.
    Keep having fun with it.


  5. Hi there David! My kids are all grown, and I am JUST NOW finding out how cool chickens are! I will have to pick up a copy of the mag at tractor supply next time I'm in! When you get a little older and you can get on facebook,.. look for me as Farmer Laur, and join me in my adventure too! Keep up the great blog! (I'm in TX, near Houston)

  6. David -

    I love your blog! I have 4 chickens and can't wait to follow your chicken adventures!